Call for volunteers!

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Re: Call for volunteers!

Beitragvon headology » 14 Januar 2014, 17:00

Great, thank you, Salami. :D

Wiki-Translation: I think it'd somehow be easier to complile information about bra fitting that's already out there and maybe post it with a comment to whether it compares to our own experiences and theories? Then we'd already have kind of a starting point from which to draw in international visitors.

At the moment there's already a lot of discussions going on on Facebook, on the blogs, on Bratabase, on Reddit - what we could add to that would be the collected experience of a large and relatively old bra fitting community, and that's what we have to advertise. (IMO)
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Re: Call for volunteers!

Beitragvon Salami » 16 Januar 2014, 17:36

Oh boy, putting together the rules might take me a while…
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