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Translation of "Breitbrust-Liste"

Beitragvon Mosquito Bites » 19 Mai 2013, 20:10

I know it's not a priority, but I've done it for Bratabase anyway, and I thought I'd post it here before someone else goes to the same trouble at some point. I used the terms commonly used on Bratabase. There's certainly room for improvement, but here it is:
Over the last year a group of women here has done some "research" into what bras work well with wide root shallow breasts. We started out with suggestions by several forum members as well as the list one ingenious forum member had put together all by herself before (she tried on an incredible number of bras and also came up with the original description and definition of what we call "small wide breasts": these need wider wires as well as less depth in the cups). These are the bras that have worked for at least two out of 18 of us. (Two out of 18 doesn't mean they didn't fit the others in the group, but simply that others didn't get a chance to try them on). Bras that fit five or more of us are in bold print.

Bras for wide root shallow breasts:
- Calvin Klein Customized Lift Strapless (push-up)
- Cleo George (unpadded balconette, like some of the other Cleo balconettes usually produces some wrinkles in the thinner material at the top of the cups on wide root shallow boobs, but this does in no way detract from its great fit and the great shape it gives them, plus the wrinkles are usually not visible under clothes)
- Cleo Marcie (unpadded balconette)
- Cleo Brooke (unpadded balconette)
- Cleo Lucy (unpadded balconette - there were also some it didn't fit in the group )
- Cleo Juna (padded halfcup, runs smaller in the cups)
- Juna-sisters: Cleo Martha, Poppy, Sadie, Rita, Ellie, Rihanna, Darcy, Cara (padded halfcups, some have even slightly wider wires and shallower cups than the Juna)
- Ewa Michalak HPs (padded halfcups - there were also some they didn't fit in the group )
- Ewa Michalak: PLs (padded plunges, there were also some they didn't fit in the group , PLs with open cups at the top are better, e.g. PL Czarny Kropek, PL Black as opposed to PL Milady or Amethyst)
- Fauve Brianna (unpadded halfcup-plunge)
- Freya Summer Halfcup (padded)
- Freya Libby Halfcup (padded)
- Gossard Esprit (unpadded halfcup)
- Gossard Tutti Frutti Balcony (padded halfcup)
- H&M "Leo Strapless" (there are push-up and non-push-up versions of this)
- Lepel Fiore Balcony (padded halfcup)
- Masquerade Hestia (padded halfcup, runs a bit smaller in the cups)
- Masquerade Maia (padded halfcup)
- Masquerade Rhea (padded halfcup, not ideal, had to be altered by those it fit)
- Masquerade Rosetti (padded halfcup, usually gapping at top of cups)
- OnlyHer Latte Plunge and Tabasco (padded plunges - the halfcups did not work as well)
- OnlyHer Amaretto (padded halfcup)
- SugarShape Dolce Vita (padded plunge)

There are some more bras that could work, but have only been tried on by one of us or present problems:
B.tempt’d Ciao Bella (padded halfcup), Cleo Lizzie, Bonnie, Melissa, Bella (unpadded balconettes), Cleo Maddie/Karen (t-shirt bras), Curvy Kate Thrill Me (padded halfcup - gives a rather flat shape, wires dug in for all of us), Fauve Bethany Halfcup (padded), Freya Erin and Elize Halfcups (padded – fit single ones of us, but generally aren't as suitable as the "Summer-type" halfcups), Freya Deco Strapless and Deco Moulded Soft Cup (t-shirt bras), Gossard Noir Allure, Lepel Flora Balconette (padded halfcup), Masquerade Tiffany Plunge, Pour Moi? Opulence Gel Bra

Sports bras:
- Panache Sports Bra (underwired and padded)
- Shock Absorber Classic (Level 3) B102/N102
- Shock Absorber Max (Level 4) B4490
- Shock Absorber Pump (Level 2) B4246 (comes with thin pads that can be removed)

We also came up with some recommendations for boobs smaller than a (30)D cup, because most of the recommended brands only start at D (at least in the smaller band sizes):
- Calvin Klein CK One Convertible T-Shirt Bra Microfibre (Multiway, band is very tight, maybe order sister size up)
- Calvin Klein Envy Demi Lace Bra (padded halfcup-plunge)
- Calvin Klein Push-ups Coverage Level 1 and 2 (Lace & Micro has got especially wide wires)
- Debenhams set of two balcony bras (halfcups, moulded cups with two vertical seams for decoration, probably also work for people who need wider wires)
- Elle Macpherson Intimates Contour Bras (padded halfcups) e.g. So Pretty It Hurts, Dentelle, Artistry, Cloud Swing
- Ewa Michalak: especially PL, 3D (padded plunges) and 3DM bras (unpadded plunges)
- Lepel Fiore Balcony (padded halfcup)
- OnlyHer Latte Plunge und Tabasco (padded plunges), Amaretto (padded halfcup)
- all of the Shock Absorber Sports bras in this list (tight bands, order sister size)
- The Freya Swim Bikinis listed below and Cleo Juna sisters in a D will often fit women who usually wear C cups, because their cups run shallower and smaller than other bras

The main reason why we started our "research" was that there are a number of women who need even wider wires /shallower cups than the bras listed so far provide. These are the bras that have fit at least two of those women:
- Bravissimo Tanzania Stripe (unpadded halfcup)
- Bravissimo Mademoiselle (unpadded halfcup)
- By Caprice Gardenia (padded plunge)
- Change Basic Florence (padded halfcup)
- other Change styles (e.g. Balcony Bisquit, Rita, Thelma)
- Cleo Frances (unpadded Balconette, does not fit people who need very wide wires)
- Curvy Kate Tempt Me (padded plunge, does not fit people who need very wide wires, fits better in these colours: scarlet, gold, coral)
- Fauve Merissa Halfcup (padded, does not fit people who need very wide wires, but some people who need very wide wires have successfully bent them to make the bra fit)
- Fauve Isobel Halfcup (padded)
- Figleaves Just Peachy Daisy Embroidery Padded Balconette
- Figleaves Just Peachy Lace Padded Balcony
- Lepel Fiore Plunge (padded with removable pads) This style has been changed, so only older models work - buy seasonal colours that came out before 2013. Apparently Lepel is going to go back to the old style next winter.
- Panache Harmony Balconette (unpadded)
- Pour Moi? Renaissance Padded Bra

There are some more promising models, but these have only been tried on by one of the people needing wider or very wide wires:
generally Bravissimo halfcups such as Rococo Charm, Demi Diva, Moulin Rose (some are padded, some aren't), Cleo Darcy und Cleo Marcie (not for people who need very wide wires), Debenhams set of two balcony bras (halfcups, moulded cups with two vertical seams for decoration, probably won't work for people who need very wide wires), Fauve Celine Halfcup (padded), Fauve Mia Halfcup (padded),
Rosme balcony bras (are really halfcups)

These fit some women requiring wider wires, but not others:
OnlyHer Latte Plunge and Tabasco Plunge, Ewa Michalak CHPs

Sports bra also for people who need wider wires:
- Shock Absorber Run

There were no differences in how they fit among the people in our group, so we'd recommend these to everyone with wide root shallow boobs (even if they need very wide wires):
- Freya Swim Soft Cup Triangle bikini tops (padded, no wires, e.g. Bamboo Island, run one size smaller in the cups)
- Freya Swim Sweetheart bikini tops (padded and underwired, cups run a bit smaller)
- Freya Swim Triangle bikini tops (padded and underwired, e.g. Carousel, cups run a bit smaller)
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