Custom Bikini Maker?

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Custom Bikini Maker?

Beitragvon Prinzessin Mango » 26 Februar 2016, 09:33

I was wondering if there is any place to a get a supportive bikini custom-made around the Frankfurt am Main region? I have not been able to find a supportive 34H bikini in plain white (I am tired of patterns--I don't want stripes, flowers, lace, etc.).

(Alternatively, what would be the search term in German so I can try to search for someone who makes custom bras/bikinis on Google?)
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Re: Custom Bikini Maker?

Beitragvon Kaylin » 26 Februar 2016, 09:50

Search terms would probably be something like "Bikini" and "Maßanfertigung", but to be true I doubt that there are custom made bikinis to be found that do support well. At least I have never heard of one until now - custom configured yes, but these were not what I call supportive :)
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Re: Custom Bikini Maker?

Beitragvon tantal » 26 Februar 2016, 09:51

Since Germany is still bra wasteland in most parts I wouldn't be too optimistic to find somebody who knows how to supportive bikinis in large cups.
Especially since translating bra sizes from UK sizes to German ones become guesswork above D-cups because the German manufacturers do not stick to the official size charts.
My opinion aside (I'd gladly be proven wrong :) )

Bikini Maßanfertigung, Bikini Schneider, Bikini nach Maß(en)

is what I'd try for google.

Maybe Ewa Michalak could do a plain white bikini for you. Not FFM at all, but it might be worth a try.
Good luck! :)
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Re: Custom Bikini Maker?

Beitragvon knusperflock » 26 Februar 2016, 09:54

Hi PrinzessinMango,

I am not from the Frankfurt a.M. region so I can't help out with that but in German terms you are looking for a maßgeschneiderten Bikini (Maßschneider is the tailor who custom fits you items). I just had a quick look into our Bademode Subforum and there is a thread that might be of interest for you. Sternheim has a recommendation to makre there.
Plus you could just try to find a Maßschneider in your area and ask them?

Hope you find something. And maybe some of the ladies in your size range have a recommenation for a plain white bikini too? I am not so familiar with size ranges yet.
Good luck!

Edit: late
Edit 2: I second tantal. Ewa Michalak might be worth a try cause she definitely knows how to make supportive bras in your size.
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Re: Custom Bikini Maker?

Beitragvon hayashi » 26 Februar 2016, 09:55

Dear Prinzessin Mango,

Welcome to our site :)
Getting a plain bikini is really difficult. The best term would most likely be a "bikini-tailor" -> Bikini-Schneider(in). For bras there might be several terms applicable. BH-Schneiderin, Miederschneiderin, and so forth. (Though I do believe these might be the terms most likely to get what you want.)
Maybe you could contact one of our former team who has a brafitting-studio in the wider area. This is her Thread here in the forum: viewtopic.php?f=17&t=38194
She might know a tailor in the region who can change bras and bikinis or tailors them.

I wish you the best of luck!

ETA: Late... but maybe Bahia can help you out ;-)
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Re: Custom Bikini Maker?

Beitragvon Lambada » 26 Februar 2016, 10:17

As far as I know, Bahia (see the link provided above) stocks Krisline. It's a Polish brand and as far as I know they do plain bikinis in your size. Not sure about the costs so far but it's worth a try.
Comexim, another Polish brand, is also open to custom made orders and I'm sure one of those companies could help you finding the perfect bikini. Good look and please let us know about the progress.

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Re: Custom Bikini Maker?

Beitragvon Caillean » 26 Februar 2016, 10:45

If you find a tailor who already has some expertise with at least modifying bras and bikinis if not sewing them, you could bring them a bra that fits you and ask that they replicate it as closely as possible with white swimsuit fabric.
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